Our Team

When you come through the front door at Carbondale, you will be greeted by a staff member who will guide you to your room. Once you are settled into your room, a variety of team members, including nursing, therapy, social services, and business office personnel will meet with you and your family to form an individualized plan of care. We recognize that there is a period of adjustment and you will have many questions to be answered; and therefore our team is here to assist you and your family the very best we can throughout the admissions process.

Our business office staff are knowledgeable and experienced in all areas of finance related to the cost of caring for a loved one in a skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility.

Our business office staff will work with you and your family to answer any questions regarding Medicare or any other health insurance-related concerns. Our team will also assist you with the PA Medicaid application if eligible.

 Noelle Kovaleski, NHA

Sarah Rotell, Assistant Administrator

Erin Robinson, Medical Records

Kristy Shannon, Admissions

Amy Grundt, Business Office Manager

Ashley Wilbur, Purchasing

Heather Escott, Scheduling

Upon arriving to your room, a member of our nursing staff will welcome you to the facility, review your physicians' orders and complete a nursing assessment. The nurse will also review any concerns or questions you or your family may have.

Robin Tyborowski, DON

Meg Ogozaly, RNAC

Alyse Von Ahnen, Infection Control

The Social Services staff at Carbondale Nursing and Rehabilitation assist residents and families during the admissions process to facilitate a smooth  transition.

Our social services staff can also assist residents and families in the following areas:

  • Providing emotional support
  • Assisting with adjustment to the facility
  • Addressing any concerns that may arise
  • Facilitate in the discharge process, assisting with setting up home health service and ordering any equipment that may be needed.

Dianne Bassett, Social Services

Jennifer Karlavige, Social Services

In addition to creating restaurant-quality meals, our dietary team can customize meal plans to suit the individual needs of our residents.

Lori Bonczkiewicz, FSD

Kristen Thompson, Dietician

Our activities department focuses on enhancing the quality of life for our residents, promoting productivity and maintaining life satisfaction. A combination of group activities and one-to-one activities are offered and aim to improve each resident's physical and cognitive abilities. Activities are based on the individual needs and preferences of the individual. Some examples of activities offered are:

  • Daily coffee café
  • Live music entertainment
  • Lunch and shopping outings
  • Monthly luncheons and picnics
  • Theme days
  • Cooking groups

Holly Roman, Activities Director

Katie Meyer, Therapy Director

Jodi White, Director of Housekeeping/Laundry

Position Name Email
Administrator Noelle Lyon-Kovaleski noelle.kovaleski@carbondalenursing.com
Director of Nursing Robin Tyborowski robin.tyborowski@carbondalenursing.com
Infection Prevention/Staff Development Alyse Von Ahnen alyse.vonahnen@carbondalenursing.com
Assistant Administrator Sarah Rotell sarah.rotell@carbondalenursing.com
Maintenance Director Michael Bomba michael.bomba@carbondalenursing.com
Admissions Director Kristy Shannon kristy.shannon@carbondalenursing.com
HR/Scheduling Manager Heather Escott heather.escott@carbondalenursing.com
Social Services Director Dianne Bassett dianne.bassett@carbondalenursing.com
Social Services Jennifer Karlavige jennifer.karlavige@carbondalenursing.com
Business Office Manager Amy Grundt amy.grundt@carbondalenursing.com
Director of Rehabilitation Katie Meyer katie.meyer@carbondalenursing.com
Director of Medical Records Erin Robinson erin.robinson@carbondalenursing.com
Director of Environmental Services Jodi White jodi.white@carbondalenursing.com
Food Service Coordinator Lori Bonczkiewicz lori.bonczkiewicz@carbondalenursing.com
Dietician Kristen Thompson kristen.thompson@carbondalenursing.com
Activity Director Holly Roman holly.roman@carbondalenursing.com
Accounts Payable/Purchasing Ashley Wilbur ashley.wilbur@carbondalenursing.com
RNAC Margaret Ogozaly margaret.ogozaly@carbondalenursing.com